TechSquadNow Premium Services
Customized home and office tech support to keep your business running.


If you’ve got a tech need, we’ve got your solution. At TechSquadNow our experts will solve your software, hardware, or networking problems by offering customized and friendly home-based support.


Why Us?

Tech Support

Whether you’re setting up your home office or troubleshooting a problem, we will eliminate your stress by fixing your tech problem.

Our Services

Our services include on-site visits, phone support or chat-based support so we can quickly pinpoint your problem and fix it.

Expert Knowledge

Our staff members are highly trained industry leaders. We stand behind our people and are proud to say that there is no tech problem we can’t fix.

Customer Service

We will fix it the first time and fix it right – in a friendly and supportive way. We understand your needs and will get your business or home back up and running quickly.


Software Support

We provide tech services to support software purchased that included a TLC number, or for most Windows software.

  • We also provide services for:
  • Email client set up and configuration
  • Operating systems installation and configuration
  • System performance enhancement for gaming or other applications

Hardware Support

Contact us today if you need support with your personal computer or laptop that is running a Microsoft-based operating system.

TechSquadNow also provides services to support hardware connected to your device, such as printers, cameras, phones, music players and gaming systems.

Connectivity Support

We can help solve all of your networking challenges, including:

  • Home network set-up
  • File-sharing and printer-sharing on your network
  • Wireless router configuration
  • Cable, DSL, or dial-up connection and configuration

Printing Support

We offer a full range of printer support, including:

  • Driver installation
  • Connecting and verifying printers
  • Printing test pages
  • Printer-sharing using a network card

We believe in helping you with your technology issues.

At TechSquadNow we understand the value of technology for your home or home office. We will provide superior services to get your software, hardware, or network back up and running. Always friendly, always effective, always reliable – it’s our TechSquadNow guarantee.


What Our Clients Say

The team has provided me with a quick diagnosis and solved my issues. Highly recommend!

The support provided has been excellent, with rapid
and accurate assessment of my complex issues.

I have been using their help office for a year now.
They techs really stand out and go out of their way to help.

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